Microsoft announces variety of new security features for OneDrive

In its latest attempt to protect users against cybercrime, Microsoft has upgraded OneDrive (which forms part of the Office 365 package) to make sure the data users upload to the cloud remain secure.

In an era when ransomware often targets cloud services, users stand to lose their treasured files and photos in a flash. Of course this can be prevented by regular backups, but most of us don’t actually do it, which is why the OneDrive security update is such good news.

The Windows Club recently said that Microsoft has expanded OneDrive Business’ Files Restore feature to the personal service.

This enables users to restore their full OneDrive storage back to any point within the last month. The feature was initially meant to protect users against accidental file corruption or deletion, but it works perfectly against ransomware attacks.

Apart from this, Microsoft also offers Ransomware Detection & Recovery, which helps systems locate and remove ransomware. It also records vital information such as the time of the attack to make restoration easier.

The feature also informs users about attacks via desktop notifications, email and the OneDrive mobile app. The notification provides a restore window showing the date and time the attack happened and the choice to restore to a backup point before that.

OneDrive also has other new features, including Email Encryption, Password Protected Sharing Links, and Prevent Forwarding. The first one offers end-to-end email encryption, the second enables passwords for shared folders, and the third one disallows email forwarding to make sure emails remain within the intended audience.