Microsoft announces cloud goals at Ignite conference

Microsoft Ignite is the US tech company’s annual conference, bringing together key IT decision-makers, tech leaders, and developers from around the world to discuss company goals on developing tech.

With cloud computing in the spotlight, a key announcement from the conference was something called Azure Arc, which, Microsoft says will allow organisations to manage cloud resources more effectively, and combine Azure services with those of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud.

The significant change is the development of Azure Stack, allowing it to work with more external resources so that enterprises can use multi-cloud environments to help boost their data and connectivity options.

Arc will exist as a resource to tag into Azure infrastructure, and as a platform, which can be linked to other cloud distribution services.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming used more often to install algorithmic learning at every step, and Microsoft has now introduced a feature called Project Cortex into Microsoft 365, allowing users to automatically classify topics.

The launch, expected in 2020, is discussed as something that “improves individual productivity and organisational intelligence.”

As 2020 approaches, similar announcements are expected from Google and Amazon on key product development as they compete for increased market share in a fast-growing enterprise space.

Microsoft also aims to deliver a “limitless” analytics service by introducing Azure Synapse Analytics, which will work on data warehousing and big data to provide bigger-picture storage capacities.

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