Microsoft and Oracle agree deal to link cloud services

In a sign that some of the big tech companies continue to harbour concern over the strength of Amazon and their Amazon Web Services (AWS) outlet, Microsoft and Oracle have linked up to strike a partnership over cloud services.

The continuing growth of AWS means other companies are looking for other ways to combat them in the market, and there has been a slew of deals inked in the last six months as cloud computing firms look for more ways to shore up their positions.

For a long time, Oracle has been one of the strongest when it comes to databases, but AWS has also encroached on this area. Now, Microsoft and Oracle will create new high-speed links between their current data centres, allowing bigger companies with large data and speed requirements to still have their needs met without looking elsewhere. It comes at an intriguing time for the cloud industry, with many big companies now seeing not just the value of cloud migration, but also a fairly immediate need to consider how they will implement it.

Don Johnson, the executive VP for Oracle’s cloud unit, said that thanks to this deal, “our customers can migrate their entire set of existing applications to the cloud without having to re-architect anything.” Johnson said it would be an attractive proposition to companies already working on moving to the cloud because it would be “preserving the large investments they have already made.” An analyst from Gartner described this as a 'jab' at AWS, believing it was clear Oracle was worried about Amazon moving further into their market.