Majority of UK business leaders value tech skills most

In resounding support to the tech industries being built in the UK to safeguard future growth, economic, and technological development, most business leaders believe a tech background and relevant skills are now more important than an education in maths or science.

This is a step-change from even a decade ago, when young students were nudged towards the so-called STEM set of subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), showing the technology aspect may have been underestimated for what skill set the UK workforce now requires.

502 different information technology (IT) decision-makers were consulted for research on the topic, with 68% of respondents confirming that they believed emerging skills, including coding and cybersecurity, are becoming more important to company needs than traditional subjects, such as maths and science.

With the economy shifting towards software over hardware, it means UK companies need to address the potential gap in knowledge.

73% of those asked highlighted this by saying that they thought tech, such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, needed to be brought in at an earlier stage of learning, including some basics at primary school level.

With 53% confirming they did not think enough tech specialisms were being introduced at school-age, the issue seems to be that this should include the next generations before they have to take it in at a higher education level.

It could future-proof the sector by ensuring they have a generation adapted to prospective business needs.