Location and brand are key drivers for cloud choice

Some of the most up-to-date research on the perceptions of cloud computing has revealed that the location of cloud storage, and the brand name behind it, is most likely to hold sway among decision makers in the industry.

Researchers at Penn State University in the United States carried out research with real brands and fake companies, and a range of locations, to see which options would generate the most interest among potential clients.

They were testing whether there is wariness behind some locations in cloud technology and storage, with many people not knowing where their data is stored. It provides more backing to bespoke cloud storage companies and services, as they can work with businesses to ensure these needs are met and their fears allayed.

Certain stereotypes relating to brand authority also played a part in what outcome the industry heads picked when choosing a cloud computing provider, as the researchers offered a fake brand called Titan Drive alongside established competitors, to see if there would be any difference.

One of the researchers spoke of how “many people are hesitant to save their information in the cloud because of a lack of control and trust.” It is suggested that making it clear where the data is stored, and being able to choose the brand operating the server, could be key to encouraging more businesses to look towards cloud storage. In some regions, the perceived safe location meant that it did not matter what brand operated there.

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