L&G opens up £230million data centre

GCCNEWS-120219The multinational financial services company Legal and General, also known as L&G, has confirmed their investment in a £230million data centre as they look to safeguard future growth with a move to enhanced cloud computing.

Named the Kao Data Campus after Sir Charles Kao, the centre is expected to serve the London to Cambridge data corridor and will be based on the general trend of increased adaptation of cloud technology instead of in-house data servers. In a partnership deal, L&G has teamed up with Goldacre Noé Group to deliver the next level of digital infrastructure, which they believe is needed to keep up with future demands.

There has been clear intent from the likes of Goldacre, which is the tech subsidiary of the wider Noé Group, to help propel the UK data and cloud industry forwards. Ushering in a new centre of this size will be seen as such an example. The London to Cambridge corridor is significant as it is classed as the largest data centre in Europe, as well as being the biggest tech cluster in the continent. The Kao centre will give businesses, particularly in enterprise and hyperscaling, the ability to take advantage of growing server capability without worrying about space or capacity.

The CEO of L&G Capital, Kerrigan Procter, said there was: “a focus on creating thriving cities,” which is why the company decided to: “make investments that are focussed on creating sustainable communities with good employment opportunities, high quality and varied housing in a digitally-connected and clean environment.”