Latest Microsoft Office Windows update boasts many new features

Microsoft has just released a major new update for the desktop version of MS Office for Windows. The update is being rolled out to Office Insiders. The new version is 1808 (Build 10730.20030).

At this stage, the update is only available to Insiders who are subscribed to the Monthly Channel, otherwise referred to as Insider Slow. With the latest MS Office update, Microsoft has introduced an interesting feature that prevents attendees from forwarding your scheduled meetings to third parties.

Below is a list of what this update entails:

Access: The latest and enhanced Linked Table Manager enables users to manage all linked tables as well as data sources.

Project: Users are now able to personalise Task Board cards so they show crucial information.

Visio: This feature is now able to automatically add metadata and shapes to any Word document so that users can customise it if they want to create operation manuals or process guidelines. Microsoft has also increased the number of stencils by adding 26 new ones, complete with icons for arts, celebration, analytics, faces, sports and others.

Outlook: The software now comes with a feature that enables users to prevent attendees from forwarding details of meetings to colleagues or friends. To access this look for the ribbon and then click on Response Options.

The company explains on its support page that users will only receive the latest Office update for Windows if they are currently enrolled in the Monthly Channel (Targeted) level. Office Insiders builds with improvements and new features are released for all platforms on a monthly basis.


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