Latest Microsoft Azure results show hybrid cloud potential

While the biggest tech companies around the world have been fighting over cloud computing space for everything from defence contracts for the Pentagon in the US, to car manufacturers in the UK, the profits and numbers they generate each quarter can be most important for the long-term growth of the sector.

Although Amazon and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are way ahead with market share, Microsoft Azure is gaining ground. Google continues to edge away in some more niche markets, hoping to pull in some big clients due to its prestigious name in the tech world. But, it looks as if Microsoft could pull ahead if it manages some smart manoeuvres, with its ability to work with commercial cloud mainframes putting it in closer contact to key clients. It already possesses over half of the software sector in terms of numbers, so translating that to cloud computing potential seems possible.

The key aspect where Azure appears to be winning, according to the latest numbers, is which vendor clients are picking as their favourite. Azure is now on top, with 40%, compared to 21% a year ago. It shows how much Azure has improved its offering in a short time.

One research note, from Credit Suisse, shows that investors believe Azure is best placed to make gains in hybrid cloud infrastructure, hyper-scaling abilities, and working with enterprise. If it continues these growth sectors alongside increased customer satisfaction, it could be the one with the most market share sooner than many first thought.

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