Lack of knowledge delaying SME cloud adoption

Research by a financial services group in the UK suggests that one of the main reasons why we are not seeing widespread cloud computing adoption among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is because of a lack of understanding about what it is and its potential benefits.

While bigger companies are able to go on spending sprees to try and usher in a new era of data management, storage, and online tools, the same transformation has yet to happen with smaller enterprises. Lack of resources is being pinpointed as one obvious reason, but 73% of respondents for the Close Brothers research said that they were senior decision-makers without a full understanding of what cloud computing was and how it could help their business. Security was also listed as an issue for just over a third of those surveyed, as they worried that sensitive information could be taken more easily.

As cloud adoption grows, it is clear that there are some missing links in getting information across to small businesses, which is why external cloud management companies are receiving more requests for services.

It is expected that the pay-as-you-go cloud model could enable greater cloud uptake as it needs less capital up-front for enterprises to invest in the cloud without freeing up a huge amount of resources for initial costs, as big businesses can. Accessibility in tech support is also improving, so the barriers for decision makers are thought to be reducing year-on-year.

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