IBM to help Juniper develop cloud journey in $325m deal


Juniper Networks, a multinational that delivers and markets routers and other products, has agreed a $325million (£252million) deal with IBM to work on its agile-cloud solutions for the next seven years.

The deal is like the one initiated by IBM’s rival, Microsoft, which has worked on a deal with Walgreen’s to implement a different kind of infrastructure across the board. It will see cloud being formulated on everything from support systems to call and help centres.

IBM will offer its service platform linked to its own AI base, Watson. It will see something that 'partners humans with cognitive technology,' something it has labelled a 'factory development' idea, which it believes can unlock various stages of optimisation within Juniper.

Juniper is set just outside the Fortune 500 in its place on the world stage and believes the best way to get further in is to unlock the potential cloud offers.

IBM’s SVP of global technology, Martin Jetter, said: “companies are choosing multiple cloud environments to best meet their needs,” a trend seen across both big corporations and smaller enterprises. Jetter noted their work: “has led us to the firm belief that a ‘one-cloud-fits-all’ approach doesn’t work.”

The company is confident that it can help its clients get more out of what they already have by implementing cloud, rather than having to start from scratch and build everything again. Jetter said: “this gives them the opportunity to generate more value from their existing infrastructure.”