IBM links new quantum computer to cloud

In a sure sign that cloud technology is considered as one of the most important developments for the next decade, computing giant IBM has unveiled its new commercially-available quantum computer, which will work directly with the cloud.

Said to be a big thing for those involved in the project, many analysts believe the new quantum computer could be a huge step forward and the admission that a new standard of computing has been reached. There is said to be a slowly developing market for quantum computing, as we gradually become more aware of its potential. Most importantly, how it can be factored in for current usage and how it could be implemented.

It works by using subatomic particles to work at a level which other computers cannot, meaning it can perform calculations at speeds that are completely unheard of with current technology. Microsoft says it could break encryptions such as RSA in 100 seconds, something which would take classical computers one billion years to achieve. It is also expected to close some of the gaps in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It is not likely to be in every office, due to its size. It will be nine feet tall and enclosed in glass to protect the sensitive particles from ambient noise. Companies will only be able to get their hands on the machine, and the applications it is expected to enable, through the IBM cloud. The move shows just how much cloud technology is trusted for such a significant launch, and more are expected to follow.