IBM chief sees Amazon and Microsoft as allies

In what could be a surprise turn, given the competitive nature of the cloud computing sector in recent months, the IBM CEO has said she believes Microsoft and Amazon are IBM allies, not rivals, in a bid to further open up the technology.

Ginni Rometty is as aggressive in the market as those she is competing for sales with, as IBM's purchase of Red Hat takes it alongside some of the biggest players in the sector on all fronts.

One thing that could be driving this is Google, which has remained true to its ability to offer more open source opportunities and make it possible to facilitate data server transfers and exchanges regardless of the provider it is using.

This dedication to accepting customers for their cloud migration and future tech needs, regardless of their current infrastructure choices, means IBM and the like may have little choice but to work as partners to avoid the scene becoming fragmented.

Rometty confirmed that IBM is pushing toward hybrid cloud, particularly as some of the bigger enterprises looking to future-proof their businesses still harbour concerns over short-term security issues, which are likely to be ironed out in the long run.

IBM was failing to compete until this switch, finding itself crowded out of the market before taking it seriously enough, with its reliance on hardware no longer cutting it in a changing market.

Rometty cited 'competition and cooperation' as being key to future cloud provisions and innovations.