IBM AI Watson set for release for all cloud

GCCNEWS-140219Computing giant, IBM, is set to release its flagship artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Watson, for worldwide use and compatibility with all cloud versions.

They had mooted a so-called vendor lock-in, meaning it could only work with IBM-approved cloud formats, but now even their rivals will be able to install Watson as a part of their cloud technology initiatives. IBM acknowledged that: “businesses have been largely limited to experimenting with AI in silos due to the limitations caused by cloud provider lock-in of their data.” But, with this surprising move, they may have opened up the cloud computing scene again to a new tranche of innovation.

AI is expected to be one of the big developments, alongside cloud and the internet of things (IoT) in the next few years. It will help businesses to lift up their operations and streamline processes, to reduce the heavy uptake of resources and allow for a more efficient placing of the workforce. The company’s GM for data and AI, Rob Thomas, said: “with most large organisations storing data across hybrid cloud environments.” He said it was vital that they had: “the freedom and choice to apply AI to their data wherever it is stored.”

The development means that AI application can now be wherever the data is kept, and not only on an approved platform. The thinking is that smaller businesses, who were wary of transferring all their data over elsewhere to get access to new tools and benefits, can now scale up AI use.

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