Hybrid cloud remains popular with the healthcare sector

GCCNEWS-190219In a sure sign that the cloud computing revolution is continuing to spread to sectors other than tech, some of the latest research shows that healthcare is likely to be one of the key areas of development in the next few years.

Figures released by an enterprise cloud provider suggest that 37% of healthcare companies expect to deploy a form of hybrid cloud in the next two years. It would be a major step up from the 19% that currently have such services. More than 2,300 key decision-makers were questioned about the use of cloud in their companies, as IT bosses, including those from almost 350 of the top global healthcare organisations, discussed their future intentions.

Cloud has become such a mainstream tool for streamlining and optimising businesses that it seems likely that even more will pick this up over the next few years. As the technology becomes more affordable, and companies see their rivals using it to good effect, it is thought that the uptake will continue to increase.

One of the key reasons cited by the healthcare industry, and an aspect that shows how various sectors have different uses for cloud tech, is that 28% of those asked say security and compliance are their main reasons for looking into hybrid cloud opportunities. Another reason is that it offers an easier way to keep in budget, as costs can be brought under control. Most companies reported that they were over budget by around 40%, showing the level of savings that could be achieved.

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