Huawei to open 5G training centre in the UK

Telecoms and technology giant, Huawei, appears to be continuing its recent charm offensive to expand to the rest of the world without disruption by political standoffs.

When news broke of it being blocked for 5G network creation several months ago, many speculated over how the Chinese company would recover its intentions to spread its cloud capabilities further around the world.

Fresh from developments last week that it will be investing large amounts of capital in training software developers in China, Huawei has now confirmed that it will also be looking to do something similar in the UK.

While it will be on a smaller scale, the announcement of a UK centre in Birmingham to train employees on the latest cloud sector developments, including 5G and artificial intelligence, will come as a boost to the UK at a time when other sector investment is dwindling.

Huawei states that it aims to provide links between local businesses and those in education to ensure there are enough people with the capability to understand the technology behind aspects such as 5G, and how to improve and implement them.

Its capacity ensures Huawei can train 20 people at a time over five-day courses, and now it has set its sights on being able to educate 1,000 people a year at this venue on 5G and cloud specifics.

With the scene already worth £5bn to the local economy, it could continue to add further benefits and see the sector lead in this part of the UK.

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