Huawei to go on $1.5bn cloud hiring spree

While the changing face of cloud technology led to the IBM CEO saying there was a need for the big tech companies to be collaborators as well as competitors, it seems this may not have been an internationally-received memo.

Huawei has gone on the offensive this week, months after its brand image worldwide was shattered, partly by security revelations in the US and its developing trade disputes with China, leading to many countries cancelling requests for Huawei to install their new 5G networks.

While this sticking point seems likely to be overcome through technology rather than politics, Huawei is not prepared to sit back while other companies cement progress in the sector, as the likes of Amazon and Google continue to increase their market share.

The next step for the Chinese tech giant is the confirmation of a $1.5bn fund to provide a new centre in China for developing AI chipsets, among other aspects, with a huge recruitment drive on the cards to bring in talented recruits capable of lifting the company past its current impasse.

With threats by the US still looming over Huawei, its aim to grow into parts of the market could be part of its strategy to offset the sanctions imposed by Donald Trump.

As it aims to take on the likes of Alibaba alongside Amazon and Google, it seems Huawei is wasting little time trying to fix the issue.

The move would see the number of developers on the company’s employee roster rise from 1.4 million to an incredible five million.

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