Huawei pushes cloud in bid to diversify

While Chinese tech company, Huawei, saw impressive growth over the last several years as it burst onto European and American markets, recent events have seen it pegged back somewhat. The furore over the new 5G capabilities in many countries means that Huawei is no longer first choice to build new 5G networks, due to security concerns.

It means Huawei has been looking for ways to diversify its product range to ensure consistent growth. Now, it seems that cloud computing will be its next big push. It is expected to begin such a drive this week, as the firm released news of a range of new products for the cloud tech arena, including databases and storage. It is all part of Huawei’s aim to create a new ecosystem for data in the industry, believing this is the time to deliver artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into its database. It will be called GaussDB, while its distributed storage carrier is to be labelled FusionStorage 8.0.

The success of this new arm of income generation is vital for Huawei given that its mobile carrier profits fell by 1.9% due to ongoing concern about the tech firm’s links to the Chinese state, and US disapproval over the matter. Since its enterprise business shot up 23.8% last year, it appears there is more room for growth in the cloud industry than anywhere else.

A recent IDC report indicated China is expected to pass the US for cloud spending and infrastructure acquisitions over the next five years.


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