HPE and Alibaba launch hybrid cloud format to APAC

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced a partnership with Alibaba Cloud, which serves as the cloud computing branch of Chinese export giant, Alibaba. They are set to launch a hybrid cloud system jointly to the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, excluding China. It will enable Aspara Stack to provide a connected public and private cloud format that allows for seamless data sharing as well as increased operational efficiency.

With many organisations still holding their storage facilities in-house due to reasons of security and keeping all their data with them, as well as navigating compliance issues, the hybrid offer may tempt many companies.

Collaborating with Intel as part of the launch, small and medium businesses are set to see as much benefit as large-scale organisations, with an offer of deploying between 20 and 10,000 data servers on the table.

Each Aspara Stack cloud service will also come with HPE’s ProLiant Gen 10 security functions and their FlexFabric network switches. As part of the public architecture provided by Alibaba Cloud, the Aspara Stack will allow companies to integrate their in-house cloud services with new and updated security facilities, as well as help them to meet compliance and issues with data sovereignty.

Alibaba Cloud general manager, Jin Ma, said their work with HPE was able to show “how Alibaba Cloud’s partner network continues to be an important strategic asset to driving digital transformation for customers.” Ma continued to say the key goal of Alibaba Cloud’s new venture was to “empower enterprises to build a powerful shared service platform”, which also met all the legal requirements of data storage.

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