Hewlett Packard to establish new headquarters in San Jose

Hewlett Packard, the international IT firm which markets a wide range of computers, desktops, printers and more in the UK, has unexpectedly changed its mind on where it wants its new headquarters to be. This is the second time since November last year it has reconsidered.

The firm has now decided it should be in San Jose, California.

In November 2017, the company initially announced that it planned to move its head office to subsidiary Aruba Networks’ premises in the Californian city of Santa Clara. The location it has now decided on in San Jose comprises 220,000-square-feet, large enough to ensure that it will no longer need to spread its workforce across several offices in the San Francisco Bay region.

The firm intends to move into its new HQ later this year.

Senior VP at Hewlett Packard Nick Gunn said: “We are excited about the opportunity to create a purpose-built workspace and customer briefing centre that can accommodate more of our people together at one site, and allow for growth and expansion.”

As part of a drive by current CEO Antonio Neri and Med Whitman, his predecessor, Hewlett Packard Enterprises embarked on a cost-saving program some time ago. As part of this endeavour, the company decided to sell its original head office in Palo Alto, California – the core of Silicon Valley.

The firm already had plans in place to transfer some of its workers to San Jose, but the new headquarters will now give HPE an opportunity to employ a much bigger workforce as time goes by.

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