Green data centre launched in Cornwall is UK first

It seems that firms will soon be able to enhance their eco-credentials, with the UK’s first green data centre being set up in Cornwall. Based in Goonhilly Earth Station, the high-performance satellite station can support cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. It will use an array of solar panels to meet the full power capacity needs of the centre, of up to 500KW. They are also looking at implementing wind power as soon as achievable, to help diversify supply.

Cloud technology and data servers that store lots of information are known to be intensive in terms of power demand and some of the environmental benefits of shared storage could be negated if those data centres used fossil fuels instead.

As computing power increases, we could see more of this kind of initiative. To reduce overheating with their devices, Goonhilly Earth has set up a liquid immersion cooling system. The head of data centre and cloud, Chris Roberts, spoke of the irony of the “heavy processing power” needed to support “clever algorithms to save our planet from climate change.” The new cooling system is set to halve their electricity demand, meaning they can increase the capacity of the data centre without struggling to meet supply through renewable energy.

During their launch, the centre also confirmed they would become a part of the Nvidia Inception programme, aimed at businesses looking to develop further with cloud, AI and machine learning.