Google to focus on reliability after network outage

In a time of increasing reliance on cloud technology to power some of the high-functioning capabilities we take for granted, a four-hour outage for one of the world’s biggest companies means that it will be put under the spotlight more than ever.

When services such as YouTube and Gmail are offline for several hours, it can have a huge effect on livelihood when so many people work in real-time. The lack of available solutions at the time has had Google deciding that it needs to restore its reputation, hence the announcement that one of its new key focuses will be on reliability. Many services that need Google architecture to work efficiently also had trouble, with the likes of Snapchat and Spotify also experiencing some downtime.

Rather than hide from the issue, Google has deemed it more important to show the public what happened when it works it all out, with initial blame going to very high network congestion, including ‘100% packet loss’ in some areas.

The level of growth in cloud computing now means those who rely on smooth networks to keep their businesses running will have increased interest in how Google plans to fix the problem, with both European and US markets affected. Given the tough competition Google faces from Amazon and Microsoft, every dent to its reputation can lead to a fall in market share. It also shows the benefits of going through a cloud tech service instead of going direct, as additional insurance and alternative solutions can be provided.

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