Google outspending its rivals on cloud

In a sure sign that the investment race is growing for the biggest businesses in the world to get the leading edge on cloud computing development, figures up to the end of 2018 show that Google outstripped its leading rivals in the industry. Most of its spending went on developing new data centres and hiring the workforce to meet the needs of the business and the clients.

Google has admitted that it is making cloud a priority, and although some of the figures could be argued to be tied into other aspects of its enterprise, the fact that it doubled its capital expenditure in aims related to the cloud should be seen as significant for the sector. Given that this figure was an impressive $25.8billion, the growth capacity of cloud technology is now receiving greater attention.

Google has said it has no plans to curb its spending in the sector, despite what it acknowledges has been a set of mixed results in growth and performance. But, Google does not expect to spend quite so much in 2019 and believe that its efforts to ramp up its cloud offering last year will stand it in good stead to try and increase market share.

Its spending was more than twice the amount that Amazon put in for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) arm, with Microsoft lagging $10billion or so behind Google. It seems clear that the big businesses have no intention of stopping this trend, and the availability of cloud technology is likely to increase in 2019.

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