Google Cloud brings Titan Security key to UK market

While the big tech companies fight for market share to get new customers and take on more enterprises, one factor is getting less attention - security.

Two-factor authentication is gaining more traction as a mandatory aspect of logging into accounts from new devices, and it is expected that this will become more frequent as companies switch to software over hardware.

Cloud computing has many benefits but ensuring that everything is safely migrated and cannot be accessed by those outside a business is also important. This is why the launch of the Titan Security key via Google Cloud could be a game-changer in the UK. It consists of a physical key, which is either set up via Bluetooth or used with USB entry. It comes with the claim that it has cut out all phishing scams when tested across Google's US employees. Product management director, Sampath Srinivas, said that Google Cloud wanted to tackle some of the flaws of the internet in general, something it believes it can “fix with security keys.”

According to Google's research, over four billion user credentials were either leaked or found in data dumps last year alone, meaning the threat to key business information is serious. It offers two-factor authentication faster than an SMS can, which also means users do not need to be next to their devices. It aims to act as a middle ground between any malicious software and the device, removing the need for the user to interact with it.