Google Cloud boosts insight and data migration with Alooma capture

GCCNEWS-210219Google Cloud has a new CEO, and Thomas Kurian has shown he is not prepared to wait around and allow his rivals to steal a march on its market share, as he promises a period of aggressive expansion.

His words have already been put into action with the acquisition of Alooma, a start-up designed to make it easier for business enterprises with complicated data streams to move everything over to the cloud. It allows the possibility of getting more insight into cloud computing as it funnels everything into a single data pipeline, which means nothing gets lost along the way in terms of metrics and reporting.

Alooma can take in data from various sources, not just Google-linked platforms, as the likes of Snowflake, Azure and Amazon Redshift are all compatible. Their co-founders said in a statement to clients that they are proud of their work in allowing: “the simplest and most efficient path towards standardising enterprise data from every source and transforming it into actionable intelligence.” They added they felt excited about moving into Google Cloud, allowing them to work on their goal of: “delivering a full self-service database migration experience”, which will also factor in “analytics, security, AI, and machine learning.”

Many of the larger cloud tech companies are ramping up their expansion in what seems to be an open time to be present in the market, with plenty of acquisitions occurring as they compete for clients. For many enterprises, it shows the value of cloud in general, and why so many are excited by its potential.

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