Google Cloud boosts DevOps with DORA acquisition

Google Cloud has sought to make another venture into the app world with its acquisition of DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA), where it will: “continue to create delightful experiences for developers and operators."

There has been a growing trend to designate cloud computing solutions that also provide a bespoke service, and this is where some of the bigger companies are expected to cede some of their market share, as clients move away from the mass approach.

The move is expected to help Google Cloud continue to develop its user-facing and open source code commitments, and by working with DORA, it will enable companies to: “leverage automation, process and cultural change to improve the quality of their software and the quality of their work-life.”

With more companies looking for ways to expand and diversify their offerings in 2019, it is thought that there will be further trends of acquisitions in niche areas, as the bigger enterprises choose to pick the best offerings to work with rather than by trying to develop their own. But, these show an acknowledgement that only through making each offering seem different are companies likely to pick up more cloud solutions for their business, as they begin to understand not only the basic benefits of cloud but how a tailored solution can go beyond meeting the initial business needs. There has been a solid stream of acquisitions in the cloud sector in recent months, which seems set to continue this year.