Google Cloud announces new CEO

Google Cloud has made a market move to try and keep up with the rapid rise of rivals Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Alibaba Cloud with a change in management. Its current CEO, Diane Greene, confirms that she will step down in January. Thomas Kurian, who left Oracle, will replace her, and is set to join the company next week. Greene will officially stay in post until the end of the year, when she will take a place on the board at Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

Describing the switch in a blog post, the outgoing CEO said that she was proud of how much her team had achieved during her three-year tenure. She praised the development from “only having two significant customers and a collection of start-ups to having major Fortune 1000 enterprises betting their future on Google Cloud.”

Google Cloud is some way behind the pack leaders in total market volume, lagging at 7% alongside IBM, while AWS stands tall at 34%. Despite criticism for taking too long to move into cloud technology, the tech giant has been praised for its infrastructure as a service facility, opting to build long-term strategic relationships, and prioritize these over quick sales.

Former employees had also noted its slow start to adopt new tech. One said that it lacked enough investment in “marketing, sales, support and solutions engineering,” which meant it fell behind rivals. How Kurian performs in the role is uncertain, but Google Cloud is set to carry on positioning its brand on trust rather than quantity.

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