Google and VMware boost partnership to increase cloud earnings

As cloud computing takes off around the world, even the bigger companies and tech giants seem to realise that there will be a lot of competition to retain and grow market share. While Amazon Web Services, a continuing arm of the e-commerce behemoth, has the largest market share, Google has been looking to find its foothold.

With the level of competition in play, it seems likely that those who use cloud technology services will benefit most, with innovation a key driver of how they manage to win big contracts. In a world that is moving away from hardware development, how the cloud sector plays out in the next few years could be essential to how we use and access it.

As Google’s rivals begin to assemble various deals that allow them more diversity and market reach, this move will see Google Cloud and VMware link up to move VMware products and services away from corporate servers and onto Google’s cloud servers. This will give both companies a new reach and also potentially enable Google to get big new clients on board, while VMware will benefit from being able to keep clients looking to move away from servers and hardware.

Given that tens of millions of workloads in enterprise go through VMware, being able to capture this during cloud migration and take it to Google will give them a big boost in terms of trying to catch up with Amazon and Microsoft. At the moment they are still a fair way behind, as the latest earnings figures are released this week.

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