Gartner forecasts a 17.5% cloud jump in 2019

The world cloud technology market continues to grow as the consulting group, Gartner, forecasts a big jump in 2019. It illustrates how many businesses are choosing to move their businesses online. At $182.4 billion last year, Gartner is now measuring it to deliver at $214.3 billion across 2019. Many of the big tech companies have been competing for a market share in the last year, delivering partnerships in many sectors and with big names.

This appears to have had the effect of grabbing headlines, putting things in the spotlight, meaning that more people and businesses are finding out about the benefits of cloud computing and how it can help their organisations grow.

Some of the fastest aspects of the sector factored in for big periods of growth include managing the supply chain and business, using intelligence and computing to create data-led decisions, and planning for managing enterprise resources. These give businesses a picture of what they can change and how they can achieve it, and, with their rivals also taking similar steps, it has become a case of avoiding being left behind with old technology.

Less is expected to be spent on licenses, and more on cloud-based subscription models, where companies tend to spend what they use and no more. Around a third of new investment spending is forecast to align with this, as cloud-first use becomes cloud-only.

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