Gartner expects the cloud to boost IT spending


Gartner, one of the leading data analysis and research companies when it comes to IT spending and enterprise, has given the weight of its credence to the idea that this drive in expenditure will be mostly boosted by development and acquisition in cloud technology.

The advances and availability of cloud computing mean that it is reaching an affordable tipping point, where smaller businesses are as likely to consider employing its mechanisms as bigger corporations are doing now. As spending in technology worldwide increases, it flies in the face of some current market caution and indicates that many businesses are running with the opinion that any uptake in the cloud will be offset by the savings it can produce.

Worldwide IT spending is expected to shoot up to $3.77trillion in 2019 alone, a huge figure that underlines how much faith business leaders are placing in the sector to help open up new avenues and deliver results. It marks a 3.2% increase, with much of this driven by extra advances in cloud technology making it more affordable, according to Gartner.

Enterprise software is also booming, as the sector jumps up 8.5% for the year to be worth $431billion. Part of this is made up of customer relationship management (CRM) tools based on the cloud, while open-source technology and supply chain management are also expected to be key indicators of development this year. But cloud infrastructure is where the biggest gains are seen, as it jumps up 17.5% compared to last year.Gartner expects the cloud to boost IT spending