Gaming giants turn to cloud solutions

In the last few months, plenty of surprising sectors have announced they will now compete for cloud technology to try and make some market gains and get ahead of their rivals. This has been seen in car manufacturing and now the cloud computing services, such as Microsoft Azure, are looking to further diversify their product offering.

The gaming industry seems to be the next point of call, with both Sony and Nintendo expected to ink deals with the computing giant this week. There may be some surprise at this development, given the Microsoft Xbox competes with Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo devices.

While the gaming companies in question have been rivals for the last couple of decades, the introduction of cloud solutions now means they may be competing against a different type of format. Announced earlier this year, Google Stadia was hailed in some quarters as the future of gaming. With streaming now able to keep up with demand in terms of speed, it is being pushed as the next key outlet for game development.

Using cloud servers, gamers can play using higher-definition screen quality due to better rendering and can also access more games. As the servers will be elsewhere, the processing power is reduced, meaning that customers no longer need access to high-specification machines to play games at this level. While Sony may have had the capability, Nintendo is known to struggle with hardware in comparison, so this move could boost all traditional gaming companies as they look to develop hardware fit for a new age.