First rapid upgrade for Windows Server coming soon

The first upgrade to Windows Server 2016 will be released by Microsoft just before the end of September. A manager in the company’s Windows Server group recently confirmed on a company blog that the latest version of Windows Server will be released soon.

Windows Server 1709, labelled in the company’s usual yymm format, is the initial release in an upgrade cycle that will bring revised versions every six months. Microsoft announced the new version two months ago, at the time stating that it wanted to synchronise Windows Server upgrades with those of Office 365 and Windows 10.

The six-monthly upgrades will be delivered via the “Semi-annual Channel” timeline and the same description will also be used for Office 365 and Windows 10.

Although Microsoft had earlier hinted about upgrades for Office 365 and Windows 10 on 12th September, it said nothing about a Windows Server update next month. By drawing a link between the launch of Windows Server 1709 and Ignite, the company has indicated that it views Server, or at the very least its initial rapid release upgrade, as less of a routine release and more promotional.

The sequel to Windows Server 1709 will be Windows Server 1803, the release of which has been scheduled for March next year. On a cumulative basis, the six-monthly Microsoft Server upgrades will eventually form the feature set of the company’s Windows Server X.

Over the next few years, Microsoft intends to introduce Windows Server 2018 or perhaps even Windows Server 2019, created by the gradual accumulation of repeated Windows Server upgrades.