European companies under-utilising £9m worth of cloud

The latest figures show that the amount of capital wasted on investments now being used in the cloud sector is rising across Europe, to almost £9m.

It shows a lack of knowledge below the key decision-makers and those introducing it, suggesting that a wider internal communications campaign would bring higher uptake in cloud usage.

As with many new technologies, the fact that some are under-used is not surprising given the rate of introduction while traditional hardware is shelved.

Part of this, according to the research, is that legacy systems and projects are still being carried out and pushed forward at the same time as introducing new cloud infrastructure, which would normally be central to digital strategies.

It means projects are still running less effectively, as a number of enterprises are not making the most of their cloud consumption.

Insight EMEA, which carried out the market analysis, said in a statement that it was not surprising that cloud would fall under the same banner as any new technologies being introduced across an entire company in a relatively short space of time, as this has 'been a problem for decades.'

The report says this data needs to be taken on board by senior decision-makers and lead to a change in operating culture across enterprises looking to implement cloud solutions in parts of their business.

Without doing this in a way that systematically replaces legacy systems, growth will not be as profound as what it could be.