Entertainment industry set to benefit from cloud computing

Over the last year, many industries have shown how they are set to benefit from a general move towards cloud computing, with everything from car manufacturing to data management now being optimised by the benefits of the cloud.

However, some industries may be more surprising than others, with the entertainment industry one of those finding out how its processes might be about to change. It is a challenging time for this sector because the general public now expects to get live and updated content all the time, much of it personalised to their tastes and needs. But this can be difficult to meet if there is too much data to manage and it becomes too resource-intensive.

One key aspect where entertainment is expected to see a massive difference is in streaming quality, with higher production values going into each clip. It means that each viewer will notice some of the improvements and develop more of an affinity for the quality of the content. It also opens up a new world for broadcasters, who can choose how they implement delivery of regularly-changing content, which is one way the industry can stay relevant more easily. While the digital age is providing access to new ways of consuming content and media, the production has not necessarily kept up. It would appear that cloud technology is now beginning to change this.

With this in mind, smaller businesses competing in the same space can find advantages through the cloud, and be able to keep their market share despite having smaller budgets.