Employees list cloud and AI as top training priorities

In a piece of news that is set to boost businesses considering implementing it in their workplaces, cloud technology has been chosen as one of the top choices for employees wanting to improve their learning of new tech capabilities, together with artificial intelligence (AI).

Researchers checked key sectors in the UK to find out what skills employees felt they were most lacking, and what they would like to be trained in. Cloud tech came top for 35% of respondents. Those who replied said they wanted to see their employer invest in the technology. It is likely to give backing to those who are looking into the idea of bringing it in, knowing that their workforce could be receptive to such proposals. A similar number also felt that the implementation of AI would help to simplify some of their day-to-day tasks, meaning they could spend less time on some of the more draining duties in their roles.

The company that analysed and assessed the data, The Knowledge Academy, said in a statement that “technology has become an integral part of the working world”, and means that employees can be “more efficient in the way they conduct their professional tasks and responsibilities.”

The company acknowledged that the continuing advance of technology at an exponential pace was likely to increase the number of “employees seeking to utilise the tools that will allow them to become more proficient at their job.” If the cloud carries on posing more benefits with each passing year, it seems only a matter of time before the clamour increases.