Digital transformation led by in-memory computing

It has long been said that cloud computing and the transformation to using more digital platforms was coming, but how it will be fleshed out seems to have been less considered. Up to a point, it seems to have been a case of waiting for the details to arrive before many companies were prepared to adopt it, even if aware of the pressing needs. Many have also been briefed on how their companies can benefit by moving to more digital mechanisms, and enable it to streamline their business, save on costs, and begin to diversify and grow in other areas.

It seems one of the key drivers in 2019 is set to be in-memory computing, where data sets hosted across an enterprise or organisation will be used to inform next steps and allow for a greater scope of data analysis to help evaluate performance and influence strategy.

With artificial intelligence (AI) having increased in scope and capacity to deliver while also being affordable, deep learning facilities have been building cloud services into their key operations. It means that analysts are expecting to see what they term in-memory computing platform as a service (imcPaaS), where businesses can access their in-memory data via cloud platform providers.

Some of the latest figures from the sector show that  60% of enterprises will adopt some form of cloud environment in 2019, which is set to consist of a variety of cloud functions.