Dell improves communication between smartphones and computers

Dell recently showcased its new Mobile Connect software at CES 2018. The aim of this technology is to make smartphones and computers more interoperable.

Using Mobile Connect, you can receive and make phone calls and text messages directly from a computer. If somebody calls you on your smartphone, you will get a notification on your computer screen and using the computer headset, you can then talk to them.

Even better: you can also use your favourite Androids apps on your computer. On computers without a touchscreen, the mouse and keyboard will do the trick.

Need to order an Uber taxi? Do it right from your PC.

Frank Azor, Dell’s general manager for Alienware, XPS and laptops, said in an interview: “When you’re in a PC mode and you’re working or learning or consuming content in that mode, Dell Mobile Connect keeps you in that frame instead of taking you out of it to switch back and forth to your phone.”

The technology uses Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth technology to ensure a private, secure interaction because the data flow between the PC and the phone doesn’t go via the Internet. Your phone data is only accessible on the paired computer while you’re in range of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct.

Dell plans to preload this software on new business and consumer PCs and it also offers a free smartphone application that works on both Android and iOS. In the case of Apple devices, however, you cannot use App Store apps on your PC, but the phone control function is available.