Databases to continue cloud migration trend

The database market appears to be one of the next key trends for the cloud computing market, with the latest report from Gartner showing that the shift will be well worth watching over the next few years. The consulting company suggests that three-quarters of databases will be deployed via a cloud platform in the next three years, which means cloud technology will receive a boost from another angle. The move is partly because of the growth of the amount of data each enterprise produces and being able to manage it appropriately.

To avoid processing error, enlisting artificial intelligence (AI) software seems to be the way to go. Gartner says that only 5% of the sector will not be using cloud by 2022, a confident prediction of the way cloud tech is becoming a reliable source of database management.

A Gartner vice president said that, while data management solutions would be a big opportunity for several companies, there were many analytics aspects that are yet to be fully uncovered, including 'data warehousing, data lakes,' and aspects of machine learning.

As software as a service (SaaS) becomes more well-known and used in more cases, it has allowed more companies to change their business models in terms of online data storage and what they plan to do with it. 68% of all database management systems (DBMS) were also cloud-based, according to the report, which shows that the majority of companies are already heading in this direction.