Data centre firm Digital Realty completes $8.4bn merger

With cloud becoming a more integral asset to many companies, from small enterprises to large corporations, it seems the data centres that keep the sector ticking are also going to expand.

This is the news coming from the US, where the company Digital Realty is estimated to be one of the biggest data centre operators in provider share.

It has recently completed an $8.4bn merger process with Interxion, one of the largest data centre providers in Europe, allowing it to increase its market share and distribution through different continents in one deal.

Further developments are expected as a part of the deal, especially in Europe, where Interxion also owns a lot of land around its current centres, so expansion remains possible.

As the demand for cloud computing increases and more companies go digital, moving from a reliance on hardware and servers, it seems the need to supply the industry with consistent data server sources is also growing.

It puts Digital Realty, with its Interxion deal, into a higher position than before, which may now see it competing directly with rivals Equinix, which had focussed on acquisitions in the last couple of years to pick up many small and medium data centres to expand its distribution network and data provision potential.

Digital Realty CEO William Stein said it would: “significantly enhance our ability to create long-term value for customers, shareholders and employees of both companies.”

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