Cloud security concerns still persist

Despite efforts from some of the larger tech companies to find new ways to assuage customers that cloud computing is safer than ever, it seems that many enterprises still lack a sense of assurance that they can trust everything related to the sector.

Many reasons for this remain, from concerns over password encryption and where the data is stored to companies leaving themselves susceptible to big hacks that could ruin their entire operation.

A recent survey from data company Nominet suggests that many executives at the top level, including positions from CISO to CTO and CIO, harbour concerns that not all cloud security issues have been dealt with.

Given that over half of the 274 they polled had at least some worries about cloud and what it entails for their company strategy, it would seem general adoption is becoming the biggest hurdle.

While there may be issues during cloud migration, there are solutions for the problems that tend to be laid out.

This may also shine a light on the determination of bigger tech firms to start acquiring security companies with unique and valuable efforts to change the game.

According to these numbers, 63% of companies who use the cloud have already outsourced their security operations to third-party firms, and it seems likely this trend will continue.

Another surprise from these numbers was the news that 56% of those who went with tech giants chose Google Cloud, while Amazon Web Services came bottom in this.

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