Cloud computing set to improve battery life by 60%

It is often said with confusion how strange it is that mobile technology has advanced so far but batteries have not kept up. As everyone has a device with incredible capability without the power to keep it going and use it when needed. There could be a boost, however, as scientists believe they have made a breakthrough in extending battery life by 60%, thanks to advances in cloud technology. Carried out in Aston University, Birmingham, the research was published in Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies Journal, where it laid out the permutations for increasing battery life. The idea is borne out of a simple concept that allows a piece of cloud-enabled software to link up with the device and work out which apps are draining the most power, which it then migrates to the cloud. The device can still access everything it needs to, but the battery does not have to power it all the time.

Called code-offloading, the technique has found a method of hybridising apps so they can work on the cloud as well as on the standard mobile device, making it easier to share resources and not lay the code on top of each other.

Aamir Akbar, the doctoral researcher who initiated the framework for the project, said on one of their tests with a particular app, “our results showed that battery consumption could be reduced by over 60%,” costing only 1MB more of data usage as a result.

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