Cloud computing role one of the most recession-proof

Rumours of instability in the world economy have circulated for a while, with disappointing numbers in global markets indicating that another recession could be on the way.

However, it could be a while yet, and it seems that many businesses and workers are seeking to add skills to their roster, which will make it easier to weather any financial storm that could be on the way.

The US company, PayScale, has done specific research on which industries and positions of employment look best placed to withstand any financial volatility in the markets.

Cloud computing comes out top, and artificial intelligence and Big Data analytics are not far away — suggesting many companies are becoming more aware of the worth offered by cloud tech and other digital advancements — so are investing in future-proofing their businesses.

Investments in new technology can be expensive, but taking steps when there is still financial liquidity to create new working digital ecosystems seems to have many benefits, including the capability to make staff and software efficiency savings, and also lock in future growth potential.

Many extol the merits of cloud computing because of its ability to streamline data usage and storage, opening up new avenues to be flexible and proactive with digital decisions, but it seems the financial aspect is also becoming clearer to many enterprises who want to ensure they have room to grow into the next decade.

Payscale’s director of research said: “Cloud computing is an incredibly lucrative pillar of the modern economy,” labelling it “the intense focus of the tech giants of the world.”