Cloud computing policies place UK among global top four

New research says data protection legislation in the UK makes this country one of the top places on earth to adopt cloud computing technology.

A study by BSA (the trade body for the international software industry) puts this country in fourth position among the top 24 IT economies as far as cloud computing policies are concerned.

Britain dropped to ninth position last year, but following the adoption of the National Cyber Security Strategy and new regulations it now only lags Germany, the United States and Japan.

The yearly ranking aims to aid countries in evaluating their current policies and pinpointing the steps necessary to boost the adoption of cloud computing.

One of the main reasons for the UK’s improved rankings was the cabinet’s decision to include the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation in British legislation.

Researchers added that this country does not suffer from internet filtering or censorship and that laws for electronic signatures and e-commerce are kept up to date.

Since the adoption of the National Cyber Security Strategy 16 months ago, the BSA has also ranked Britain as the world leader in the field of cybersecurity policies.

The authors of the report, however, pointed out that: “There is significant debate in the United Kingdom on the regulation of law enforcement access to data, and some proposals could have a potential negative effect on cloud computing.”

The CEO and president of BSA, Victoria Espinel, said cloud computing allowed everybody to access technology that was previously only available to major organisations.