Cloud communications continue to alter market direction

Cloud Communications

There seems to be a consistent stream of industries with the potential to be positively affected by the changes brought by cloud computing. With the line of communications now having the potential to be driven by cloud, the technology has added another sector to the mix.

The measure of this is in collaboration software, which is where internal communications are driven in bigger enterprises and tech firms whose time and resource is often optimised as much as possible.

Synergy Research released new data this week, showing the market is worth $45billion, but the cloud is at the stage of being able to 'drive and disrupt' the sector, according to the analysts who produced the report. This shows how strongly cloud tech is recognised as being able to revolutionise various sectors and not just the obvious ones.

Unified Comms (UC) is a growing market, and with teamwork apps, such as Slack becoming prevalent in many workspaces, it shows how cloud formats can break into many offices and companies without them realising. At the top of this is an idea that it is just the beginning of the disruption, with it well-placed to carry on for several more years in this current scope and iteration.

Synergy rated the cloud market as worth $250billion at the start of 2019, highlighting the 32% growth in a year as one of the key indicators to show how much it is growing, and the avenues it keeps working its way into.