Cloud apps expanding faster than security

While it is being well-publicised that we are seeing an overall increase in adoption of cloud technology, the latest figures suggest security is not keeping up with it.

It comes from the latest Symantec report, which surveyed 1,200 decision makers in IT and security around the world. The online security company says that there is positive news on cloud adoption, with over half of all enterprise workload being migrated, but a huge 93% of those spoken to said they have concerns about how well they can keep track of everything.

Such statistics show that work still needs to be done to improve and alleviate security concerns, with 80% of respondents saying they do not yet use encryption. It seems that more time is needed to introduce aspects such as multi-factor authentication. These are being adopted more readily but not yet at the same pace as cloud adoption and migration.

Nico Popp, a senior vice president at Symantec, who leads their cloud and information protection department, said “sensitive and business-critical” data and information was the issue, as this may not be effectively protected. But he pointed out that this was always the case when adopting new technology, and could easily be dealt with.

Popp blamed “immature security practices, overtaxed IT staff and risky end-user behavior surrounding cloud adoption,” rather than the technology being introduced. It also gives credence to the idea of managed cloud migration through external companies rather than trying to do it all yourself.

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