Client expectations behind most digital decisions

A poll conducted among IT managers in the UK found that the strongest competitive force behind digital decision making in this industry was changing client expectations.

The report with the title “Putting data properly in its place” polled 130 UK IT bosses.  One of the questions they had to answer was: "Which competitive forces driven by digitalisation are currently impacting your business?"

The most common response was that customer expectations were the main driving force behind digitalisation of data management, infrastructure and general enterprise-related decisions.

Another popular answer was that digitalisation was driven by competing firms who disrupted conventional business models with their digital innovations. Around 39% of respondents gave this as an answer.

A third group cited ‘emerging digital technologies eroding demand for products/services’ as a reason why their firm was forced to digitalise.

Other answers included evolving, digital-driven delivery models adopted by suppliers and new firms in a particular industry challenging the existing order with digital business models.

About 39% of participants strongly or mostly agreed about the critical importance of data management for the future success of any business.

When asked whether their firm was creating business values by effectively leveraging data assets, only 5% fully agreed, while 36% were undecided.

The researchers added that the only way to ensure digital transformation quality and to steer clear of getting things wrong in this type of setting was increased focus on data management. The report advises businesses to “invest in the technologies and processes of a holistic data framework and management tools able to put the plumbing to rights and data properly in its place.”