Cape Networks releases new wireless sensor solution for SMEs

A new wireless sensor device from Cape Networks has been designed for SMEs that want to protect their wireless networks from ever-evolving digital threats as they move into 2018.

Many SME owners know that good wireless network maintenance is becoming a vital part of running a successful modern business, but dedicated monitoring and analysis products can be complicated to operate and expensive to run.

The innovative new Cape Networks Wireless Sensor has been designed to offer a solution to this. It provides a range of wireless network service features, in a realistic price bracket for SMEs. At around £650, the new sensor also comes with a one year cloud subscription which works out cheaper than most dedicated products on the market right now.

Just as importantly for SMEs, it is straightforward to set up and operate. The device includes a number of other useful services. The sensor manages basic bandwidth monitoring, but is also able to monitor cloud app response rates, all devices on the network and the status of web services.

The sensor can be installed relatively quickly by connecting it to the SME’s PoE switch and registering the service. All of the information about the network is presented clearly on a cloud portal, using a traffic light system to update users on the status of internal and external devices and servers, making it straightforward to operate. It is possible to add up to three SSIDs to the sensor, which should be sufficient for most SMEs, and the system scales easily to cope with business growth.

The Cape Networks Wireless Sensor is a ground breaking tool in IT support for new and growing SMEs in 2018.