Canadian hospital pioneering AI technology

In Niagara Falls a new hospital will make use of cutting edge artificial intelligence technology, Mayor Jim Diodati recently said.

This year’s Ontario budget included an amount of $10m to establish a centre of excellence for the use of AI in health care that will be built near Niagara Falls within the next five years.

In a major public-private sector partnership the government, Niagara Health System, McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences, St. Joseph’s Health System Hamilton and the Vector Institute are collaborating on this project.

According to officials, AI could revolutionise the quality of care and patient outcomes. It can, for example, provide medical staff with robust tools to identify pneumonia, cancer and heart disease risk, help monitor seriously sick patients, and help pinpoint the best drugs for patients based on their individual genomes.

The CEO of Niagara Health System, Kevin Smith, said: "With AI, they start to help us identify those potential patients at risks, and if we can identify them, then we can do something in an elected fashion rather than an acute fashion, resulting in a much, much better outcome."

Diodati added that the news represented a ‘sea change’ in how Niagara Falls will be viewed.

He added that it placed Niagara Falls and its new hospital in a leading position to transform Canada’s AI investment into massively improved patient care, enhancements in the daily work environment of health care providers, and the creation of high-tech job opportunities.

He added that not only health care but also many other industries were beginning to use artificial intelligence.