ARM brings smartphone performance closer to that of laptops

The next generation of smartphones will likely come with more computing power. This follows Arm’s recently-announced newest hardware upgrades.

According to the firm, its new Mali-G76 GPU and Cortex-A76 CPU will bring performance levels until now reserved for laptops to the smartphone industry in graphics and computing power, while delivering better battery lifespan and power efficiency for devices such as always-on laptops. The firm’s new CPU delivers 30% better power efficiency and 35% better performance than a year earlier.

As far as machine learning and AI capabilities are concerned, computing performance will be four times better, meaning that your smartphone or other mobile devices will be able to carry out more powerful, complex smart tasks.

Arm also wants to address the requirements of developers and gamers with its new powerful GPU. The Mali-G76 comes with 30% better performance density and efficiency, enabling creators of gaming apps to build more graphics-intensive apps and games, and bringing more advanced augmented and virtual reality experiences to mobile devices.

IPG’s president, Rene Haas, said that during the past five years smartphone’s CPU performance increased by around 20% p.a., without negatively affecting battery life. The same, Haas added, was not true of laptops, where only single-digit performance gains could be achieved without notable improvements in battery life.

The new ARM hardware will go on sale later in 2018.

In October last year, Microsoft promised that its latest ARM-based Windows laptops will offer remarkable battery life.

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