American university campuses adopt cloud technology

University systems administrators in the United States will receive help in setting up new cloud computing services on campuses from the combined efforts of two projects funded by the National Science Foundation.

The combination of Aristotle Cloud Federation’s project expertise on OpenStack Cloud implementation with the XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Resource Integration group’s consulting strengths will be a huge step for campus cyberinfrastructure administrators in the US who are interested in having clouds added to the research resources of their campuses. This is according to the project director and principal investigator for XSEDE, John Towns.

Following an initial consultation by phone, the staff at XSEDE will help campus systems administrators or onsite researchers to configure their OpenStack cloud and make sure that they understand how to maintain it. XSEDE staff will not need to travel to university campuses to perform this service, which is an aspect of the XSEDE CRI group’s plan to aid campus cyberinfrastructure staff with the management of their local storage and computing resources. Staff consultants at Aristotle Cloud Federation developed the cloud implementation and documentation process, which federation member, Dartmouth College, used in the deployment of their first OpenStack Cloud.

Dartmouth’s director of research and computing, George Morris, says that the experience of deploying many campus clouds has saved them time and money. The OpenStack cloud implementation service will be widely available from September this year. XSEDE’s mission is to enhance the productivity of engineers, researchers, and scholars by giving access to advanced digital services that support open research.

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