Amazon releases host of new AI products

Amazon recently announced significant new machine learning features for its cloud-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) computing system.

With the new features, AWS users will be able to quickly develop and train customised AI algorithms, analyse video, construct applications capable of translating language on the go, and scan text for key phrases or trends.

AI or Artificial Intelligence, of course, refers to computers carrying out jobs usually requiring human intellect.

With the upgraded AWS system users can, for example, automate the transcription of client phone calls and then study the text for underlying sentiments.

Facebook, Apple, and Amazon are already using AI for their products. But, with the new AWS system, small businesses and even start-ups without high-tech skills could begin using the products. Amazon has so far announced no less than 1,300 new AWS features this year.

One of the company’s new Artificial Intelligence products is Amazon SageMaker, which enables businesses to quickly build and train machine learning algorithms. It recently also released Amazon Rekognition Video, which utilises AI to detect faces and objects in videos. Other options include Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate and Amazon Comprehend.

Despite being a major player in the cloud computing arena, when it comes to AI offerings Amazon is nevertheless still behind Microsoft and Alphabet Inc.

Six years ago, Microsoft started offering Translator, which directly competes with the new Amazon Translate. In November 2016, Google launched Google Natural Language API on its cloud platform. Throughout 2017, both firms announced new AI services that are equal to or better than Amazon’s latest offerings.